Immersion Technology

Reduces Energy Cost

One of the biggest benefits of our patented BlockHeaters is that they can provide you substantial savings on your electric bill

See Returns On Your Investment

BlockHeaters not only reduce your electric bill, they can also be a source of extra income. Net metering allows you to redistribute your energy into other inputs but you can also earn money by selling excess power

Environmentally Friendly

Another big selling point for using our BlockHeater technology is that it is a renewable energy source

Insurance Against Rising Power Prices

One thing most business owners know is that electricity keeps getting more expensive. The price of electricity has increased steadily over the past 10 years and recently the increases have been more frequent


We Bring Machines to Life


MESI develops innovative immersion cooling tanks that utilize patented technology to redistributes CPU thermal energy



  Our Mission:

“To develop new innovative technologies to ad value to decentralized immersion cooling for computing focusing on energy conservation and efficiencies”


Watch Your Energy Savings Grow